WolphpackDC & ShawBoyzDC Skate Team: The Howl Project Annual Experience

The Experience:

What is H.O.W.L.? H.O.W.L. is Having Opportunities While Living . Which we all can agree if you are from DC that is what makes the capital a place of opportunity. This is a passion project of ours that we hope will lead to a successful month full of homegrown ventures. The initial events will be filled with a variety of different experiences influenced by our collectives love for local art, fashion, music, and skateboarding. This project will elevate DC’s subcultures to a new level of appreciating and encouraging local artist, entrepreneurs,  entertainers, and skateboarders alike to rethink why we should support homegrown business. Every year, ZootainiaBros will test the formula with a spree of small events that will be free & Ticketed programming with reserved pop-up vendors upon venue allowance. The live performances will have a line-up with fifteen minute intervals for artists and an open mic style segment. We are asking for support from DC’s new and old residents. And let’s not forget we need the support from the entire East Coast skateboarding community. Each event will be  subject to change , starting with a skateboarding competition named SnakePit Challenge which will have four stages: Best Trick, Stair Set Challenge, Best Techie, and The Big Bad Jam Session. We plan to have judges from the local Shaw skate community and possibly a special guest. Alongside local live art and fashion boutique pop-ups, we want to show how collectively we can grow and make a difference. In all, this project will be setting a platform to build on for future events while teaching the upcoming generations in the DMV and the world to use their local resources as a foundation to manifest their overall dream. We also plan to reach a new level of giving back to the community by placing focus on giving to families of our community who may be in need after losing loved ones. In addition, we hope to establish the need DC has for an indoor skateboarding community center for our younger generation to enjoy and our older generations to nurture and cherish for years to come. These high expectations seem difficult to achieve on our own, but with the help of you and our neighbors within our community, the goals of our movement can be met with ease. We have faith in our community and our collective fight to achieve what we believe in. If you’re interested in joining this project, we would greatly appreciate the spread of your support by using your available social media and networking platforms such as: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, vlogs, etc. Hashtags to help support the project include: #HOWLProject and #ZootainiaBros. We are excited to see you there! We from ZootainiaBros wish you much success and happiness! Don’t forget this is the city of opportunity– where anything is possible if you dare to strive for success! Chocolate City Forever! Join the movement or get more information by contacting us via email: Zoocoinsdelivery@gmail.com or our office phone#: 202-744-0015. 

We are Wolves!!! We want you to hear our HOWL!!!